We are a full service boutique


We incorporate best practices in biophilic design and sustainable development using local suppliers and materials. combined with the latest in technology.

What we do

Tonkin.Design is a full service building design company that provides the complete range of services from initial site investigation through to arranging permits and overseeing the construction. We also have our own software development company that specialises in 5D workflow software development, 3D rendering and virtual reality walk throughs.

Free Consultation

TONKIN.DESIGN provide a free 30min consultation to discuss your particular design and property details.

Site Investigation

vWhen we agree to terms then a thorough site investigation will be carried out including topography, yearly weather forecasts and surround environment.



Initial sketches will be developed before continueing to a full set of design drawings using the latest in BIM software.



We can develop a complete set of design documentation for council approval and manufacturer ordering

Costing & Estimating

Using our in-house developed 5D costing and estimating software we can provide you a budget guide in realtime as the 3D model is developed.

Virtual Reality

Using the latest in virtual reality we can give you a complete walk through of your house and surrounds before it is built where we can make changes to finishes and fixtures,


Tender Management

We have extensive experience in preparing the documentation for tendering and analysing the submitted responses from developers, builder and contractors.

Contract Negotiation

The contract negotiation stage is one of the most important aspects of the build and it is imperative that all aspects are considered before signing the final contracts.


Project Management

keeping all stages of the design and build on time and within budget as well as ensuring that the quality is what has been specified is a critical component of your new building. 

Inspired By Nature
Designed By Technology

Our designs are inspired by nature not just for the looks and the way it makes us feels but also for its sustainable properties and wellness benefits. These designs are implemented using the latest in Business Information Management (BIM) 3D rendering and virtual reality software to give you, our clients, the look and feel before the soil is even turned.


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee

Why we are different

At TONKIN.DESIGN we use the lates in Apple technology combined with the best 3D BIM and rendering software as well as our in-house developed ArchiFlow5D costing and estimating software. This enables us to develop a complete picture of what your new build will look like and cost before we apply for approval. 

Our Latest Work

Scroll through the gallery of our latest work for inspiration and ideas for your next biophilic building project.

Our Skills

With over 25 years experience in the IT industry and a background in Steiner education we combine the full power of data modelling in BIM and the creative theories and practical experience developed over 40 years.

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  • BIM – 85%
  • Creativity – 72%
  • virtual reality – 70%

We combine creative ideas with sustainable practices through a collaborative approach with both our consultants and our clients through our online portal.

Award winning Design

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From Our Clients

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